Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Episode 1 - An Interview with Scott Barnes

Welcome to the launch of a new podcast!  Thanks for dropping by and I hope you enjoy the show.

In this, the very first episode, I talk with Scott Barnes (@mossyblog), the former Rich Platforms Product Manager at Microsoft about a number of things:

  • The recent Windows Phone 7 announcement, the UX for the device and some ideas for improvement
  • The iPad, vendor lock-in, GoogleOS and device UX in general
  • How agile development affects UX and the differences between UX and UI design
  • His thoughts on Visual Basic


Scott's Blog
Scott Barnes on Twitter
Windows Mobile 7 the “meh” release.
Can you mix UX with Agile?
DataGrids are the Safety Blanket for Bad Design
Get Microsoft Silverlight
Duration 31:47 mins | download mp3 (29Mb)


  1. Good stuff, nice start to the series. Looking forward to more.

  2. Good effort chaps. Not sure what Scott was trying to say about UX in agile environments. UX is important?

  3. Excellent!
    How often are you thinking of publishing this?

    Love the VB discussion at the end :) I too started with Delphi but C# all the way now.

  4. Well done guys. I haven't seen WinMo7 yet but do have a WinMo6 Omnia and its horrible. I hope that with MS controlling more of the platform (hardware) they might be able to get a decent experience. The only thing stopping me from using a JeebusPhone is that I don't want to be locked into the Apple infrastructure. I'm looking forward to MIX to see what the developer story for WinMo7. If they can't attract back some of the floods of devs that have gone to iPhone-land then they're screwed for WinMo8

  5. @darren No fixed schedule, though I'm planning to keep it close to weekly.

  6. Really enjoyed the podcast. Its great to hear Aussie developers talk about stuff they are passionate about.

    Richard... Thank you